Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to work

Elevation sketches for a renovation/addition to a house in Newport Beach: 
Front Elevation
Left Side Elevation
The Program on this project is to add a second-floor bedroom suite to an existing single-story house. Living rooms and seecondary bedrooms on the first floor will also be enlarged.

I will post more as this job progresses.

Friday, August 20, 2010

House on the Coast, Post#8

(A continuing series of construction progress photos)

Stucco Time.
At this point, the house has been wrapped with building paper and lath, and the appplication of stucco has begun. The finished pre-cast moldings are first anchored in place, and the grey scratch coat of plaster is trowelled on. The finish stucco color will be applied later.

Front elevation with precast and stucco scratch coat.
Tile is loaded on the roof

Front driveway court
Front driveway court from right side.
The driveway leads down the right side into the basement garage.
Rear elevation. The landscape work to the right is a large pool
(more about that later)
The precast moorish arches are a design motif which appears inside as well as outside. The arches are surrounded by panels with abstract floral designs.

precast arches and balcony at front elevation.
Close-up of precast entry portico.
Detail of precast moorish arch and decorative panel.
This is part of the colonnade visible during framing in previous post, #7.
The steel posts will be covered with precast columns.

Variation on a theme: the loggia outside the library is composed by
alternating sizes of arches.

The interior is progressing also, and is now starting to show elements of the final design:

Coffered arched ceiling in the master bedroom.
The theme of the moorish arched is continued
on the interior.
Coffered ceiling in living room.
View of rear yard from second floor balcony; the pool is taking shape,
and the view is already wonderful.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

House on the Coast, Post #7

(A continuing series of construction progress photos)

 I have been remiss in updating for quite a while, so I will try make up a lot of ground quickly.

These pictures show the completion of rough framing:

Font Elevation: Now it is possible to see the massing and roof lines.

Front elevation from the right corner.

Arches that will be a major design feature are boxed from plywood, and will
be clad in precast concrete moldings later.