Monday, December 27, 2010


A good friend of mine has found an opportunity to design a golf course and housing in Chengdu, China. He has put together a project team including a land planner, golf course designer, and landscape architect, with him and me as architects.

 The site is here. Zoom out and switch to map view to get your bearings.

click to enlarge

The site is about 2 hundred acres or so, which will be tight for an 18-hole course, and will include a club house and several hundred residential units around the golf course. The site is also very hilly, which can be seen in the aerial photo, and the challenge will be to create a  sufficient amount of level areas for the golf course, as well as the houses.

This is all very preliminary at the moment: we sent portfolios and a conceptual proposal to his contact in China last month. He is currently in China, and will have an introductory meeting with the client. If they ask us to proceed, we will work on preliminary designs, including land planning / grading, golf course design, clubhouse architecture, and residential design.