Saturday, August 23, 2014

House in Chino Hills: Progress

     Things seemed to have slowed down, because most of the framing remaining is details, soffits and ceilings. The roof trusses were dropped off this week, and some of the arched soffits have been framed on the front portico

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Front elevation - arches on the front portico are being placed

Rear of the house with loggias framed. Master bedroom at left, Living room, center, and family room at right.

View out from the family room.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

House in Chino Hills: Progress

The framing of the porticos has begun, and sheathing is nearly complete. The semicircular soffits that form the arches have not been constructed, so the arches of the windows and collonade on the portico are not yet visible. Trusses will arrive soon, and roof framing will begin.

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Appearing more solid, now.

From the front door, there will be a view through the house to the valley.

View of the rear elevation and terraced lawn, not looking like much, yet.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

House in Chino Hills

Progress photos of a custom residence in Chino Hills, previously shown here. and here.
This project has simmered along slowly, but has gotten up to full speed in the past three months, so here are some photos of recent progress:

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Grading: a large amount of soil was moved or removed to create a level pad for the house, which will be only one story.

Setting foundation forms: The footprint of the house becomes visible for the first time.

Concrete slab. The views from the primary rooms on the rear of the house are now apparent .

Framing: The garage is at the left in the foreground, and the entry is just to the right of center. The construction lift is parked in the front yard / auto court.

Sheathing: walls beginning to look solid. The entry portico has not yet been framed.