Monday, May 9, 2011

Greene & Greene

We were entertaining a friend from Australia on vacation last week, and visited the Gamble House again. This is the first time we have arrived fairly early in the morning, and so I was able to catch the front of the house still in sunlight.

David & Mary Gamble House, 1907-09

Gamble House, front elevation.

Gamble House, front porch.

There are numerous houses in the immediate neighborhood also designed by Greene & Greene, and a short walk will yield a nice retrospective tour:

Josephine van Rossem House, 1906
Garden wall and gate detail, van Rossem House.

Charles S. Greene House, 1902

Garage door detail, Charles S. Greene House.

Theodore Irwin, Jr. House, 1906-07

Louise Bentz House, 1905-06
Porte-cochere detail, Mary E. Cole House, 1906-07
Some are a bit difficult to photograph: Frank W. Hawks House, 1906

Most people who travel to visit us will, at some time in their stay, be dragged along on this little tour.

Incongruity Of The Week

I was leaving a meeting with a client in Chino Hills, and while stopped in traffic, saw this man on a horse leading his other horse:

(Click to enlarge)

Two Black Cats

This is our other black cat, 貓 (Huài Māo), in a rare moment of sitting still.