Friday, October 1, 2010

Remodel, Post #2

     This is an update of the project previously posted under, "Back to Work", and fills in some context and background for the job.

     First the existing house: this is a fairly common style single-story ranch house, built in the mid sixties. The elevations and plan of the existing house are shown below.

The client has asked to enlarge the first floor bedrooms at the front of the house, add a playroom or den, and create a second-floor master suite. The extent of the additions are visible on the site plan below:

The colored sketch of the front elevation, below, is further developed, and reflects refinements to the floor plans since the first elevation sketch, shown in the last post.
     The first elevation sketch felt a little too Arts-and-Crafts in style; the clients have asked for something with a modern tropical style: open roof framing, metal roof, wood windows, clapboards, etc.:

Front Elevation (thanks to Steve Royse for doing the rendering).

     This is just the preliminary design; final floor plans and progress pictures will follow, as the job progresses.