Monday, July 4, 2011

Custom House in Chino Hills

Continued development of the elevations previously posted under "Recent Work"; this is a custom house, approximately 5200 square feet in size.

Colored front elevation by Steve Royse.

The Lot is located in an area of rolling wooded hills dotted with live oaks, with views down a small valley. The site is a bit difficult because it slopes pretty steeply southward, and extensive grading will be necessary to create a large enough flat pad for a single-story house. (There will be lots of grading photos in the future).

                                              South                                                             SW                                                            West                                    This is a panoramic view from the center of the site. The main rooms will face nearly due South, which provides the best views The master suite will have South and West views.

All four elevations. The front of the house faces North, the rear faces South.

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